I have always wanted a glamorous camper, aka a Glamper.”  I was so excited when my boyfriend found a 28′ Jayco pull behind camper for a killer deal, $3,000.  I, of course was ecstatic, and immediately started brainstorming all the fabulousness I could transform this outdated camper into.

My boyfriend, who FYI has no faith in my renovation ability, tried to tell me I was way over my head and taking on more than I could handle.   Seriously????  I am a woman with drive, don’t try to tell us we can’t do something…..   I was going to prove him all sorts of wrong, well hopefully anyway.  I know I do tend to undertake to many big projects at once, but seriously I got this!

The first thing I had to do was make a list of everything I planned on doing to bring this 1993 camper into 2018.

  • Replace the Floors-Super outdated & brakes the flow up 
  • Paint or Stain the Cabinets-They are 3-4 different shades of “welcome to the 90’s” oak
  • Replace the Cabinet Handles-First thing that gives the camper age away are these ugly worn brass handles.  Probably the cheapest & easiest change
  • Paint the Walls-True to the early 90’s hideous beige/pastel paint stripped dated wall paper has got to go
  • Add a Backsplash-A nice backsplash can really make a kitchen appear more high end
  • Reupholster Dinette Cushions & Jackknife Sofa-– Oh how crucial this one is, words cannot even describe how much I loath the atrocious fabric & for some reason my boyfriend loves it…. what????
  • Add LED Lighting-Under the cabinets & around the bed
  • Sheer Curtains- In the 2 interior doorways; by the family room & in the bedroom
  • New Window Treatments- they have yellowed & the tops are wrapped in the ugly fabric from the sofa 
  • Maybe New Counter-Tops-I was thinking epoxy or laminate…. but only if I have time/money in the budget.  I don’t hate the current countertops

I wanted to immediately delve into the interior, but we got a good deal because the camper was leaking around the air conditioner.  The problem is fixed now.  However, there is water damage on the ceiling and the floors…. Hopefully nowhere else.  There’s no way to really know until you take out the floors, so I have my first step.

Anyway, new flowing floors would make the camper appear bigger as it draws your eyes in a smooth flow down the center.  The current linoleum and carpet break the floors up to much, making the interior seam smaller then it is.

I am doing this whole camper on a tight budget, so I have to crafty & make use of what I have as much as possible.  Good thing I’m a savvy shopper, I should be able to find great deals on the materials I need.

Next Blog: Replacing the Flooring on the Camper